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"The Butterfly" Lariat Necklace
In memory of Pavel Friedman
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Cliff Swain-Salomon

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Skill Level: advanced    
Technique: Brick   Peyote Indo-Chinese spiraling box stitch

The peacock butterfly, is native to Britain and Ireland and can grow up to 70mm. They are nomadic and live mainly in woodland areas and countrysides. While beautiful, I chose to pattern this butterfly due to its spiritual symbolism in many cultures. Butterflies in general are believed to be the spirits of those who have come before us and it is thought that they come to visit us to help us through difficult times in our lives or when important things are happening for us.

Butterflies are also a symbol of transformation. The short life cycle of the butterfly closely mirrors the process of spiritual transformation and serves to remind us that life is fleeting. Other meanings of butterflies include spiritual rebirth, change, hope and life.

I wanted to make this piece very simple, elegant, and not over-embellished. The wings of the butterfly are constructed using Peyote and Brick stitch, and the body is made with a modified Indo-Chinese Box Stitch (that will be taught in class). Its antennas are adorned with gem-quality freshwater pearls. The lariat rope uses a spiral of the same Indo-Chinese Box Stitch, representing the fence that divides the world we live in from ones we dream about—and the butterfly rests there, bridging both sides. Using precious metal-plated seed beads, the rope is woven in opposing spiraling directions, giving it an upward feel. At the end of each lariat is a lampwork Murano glass bead made from Effetre glass cane, famous for its color and quality. They are hand-made using traditions and techniques that have been passed down over centuries from one Venetian glassworker to another.

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