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Dream Helpers Necklace
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Cliff Swain-Salomon


23 Sat 9-3
January  24 Sun 9-3
Class Fee $195+ supplies

African Helix

Peyote Herringbone
Skill Level: advanced    
Technique: African Helix Peyote Herringbone

This two day workshop focuses on creating your own dream garden filled with beautiful Jimson Weed flowers and one-eyed insects. Participants can use the pattern to either make an alluring lariat necklace or bracelet. Three different insect patterns will be included with the class, but for those who want a more personalized piece of jewelry, support and guidance will be offered on how to pattern your own one-eyed bug designs. The overall piece is organic and the way the Ndebele and African Helix stitches combine allow the beads to feel as if they are stitched in almost a freeform pattern within the vines.

The origin of this piece incorporates several different traditions. To begin with, the white jimson weed flowers hang from the vine representing the Chumash Indianís use of the plant as part of an initiation ceremony to strengthen the bond of an individual to their dream helper who guides them spiritually throughout their lives.  Women would also use the plant to become immune to danger and to attain courage. The one-eyed bugs represent the dream helpers that the person would connect with to help guide them on their spiritual path. They are also included on this jewelry piece in honor of the tradition of wearing eye jewelry to protect one from the evil eye.

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