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Three Equal Sides
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Cynthia Rutledge


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Class Fee $90.00 + supplies


CRAW Netting
Skill Level: Intermediate/adv    
Technique: Peyote CRAW Netting

Many have laid claim to inventing geometry and the laying of early groundwork for the study of triangles, but it is shrouded in mystery. It is estimated that the earliest uses of triangles were for surveying and to create perfectly square corners for buildings. Early mariners used it for navigation as one French mariner (17th century) stated that “Navigation is nothing more than a right triangle”.

The Egyptians knew the value of this sturdy shape in the building of the pyramids. A square or rectangular base with four lateral triangular faces. The super stable base has supported the four sides since their creation around 2550 to 2490 B.C…about 4500 years ago. They were built to endure an eternity.

In celebration of the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris, the date that marked the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution, the world-famous Eiffel Tower was standing tall and proud at 125 meters across and 300 meters tall. It was completed in 22 months. A square base with long reaching triangles!

Look at the back of a United States of America $1 greenback. On the left-hand side is what is called the Eye of Providence (or the all-seeing eye of God) which is a symbol that depicts an eye, enclosed in a triangle, and surrounded by rays of light or glory. It is meant to represent divine providence, whereby the eye of God watches over humanity.

As I look around me more intently, I see the triangle and its influences everywhere. Quite amazing, really. Three Equal Sides begins with a CRAW equilateral triangle with an elevated backing. A beautiful trillion CZ is bezeled in peyote stitch and sewn to the CRAW base in middle of sides for a great look. A bezeled pear-shaped CZ pear adds the right touch to the pendant.

Following the triangular inspiration, the filled-netting necklace follows the theme in the symbolic construction and with starting from the central point of the pendant for a dramatic look. The necklace ends in two beautiful CZ buttons and a button connector.   
Necklace length: 16 ½ inches long. Pendant 2 ¾ inches long by 1 ½ inches wide at the widest point.

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