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Compass Rose

Cindy Holsclaw



7 Fri


Class Fee $90.00 + supplies

CRAW          Peyote

Skill Level: advanced    
Technique: CRAW Peyote  

Create a gorgeous compass rose in this beaded pendant! Dating back to at least the the 1200s, compass roses are essential cartographic figures on maps and nautical charts. A compass rose typically shows the four cardinal directions (north, south, east, and west), and can also further indicate intermediate points. An eight-point compass rose shows the four cardinal directions plus the four intercardinal directions (northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest), while a sixteen-point compass rose shows the intermediate points between these directions. Many classical and contemporary works of art such as monuments, sculptures, and floor mosaics feature compass roses, where they serve a dual role of conveying useful information while adding a pleasing aesthetic to their surroundings.

This pendant features a gorgeous focal compass stone surrounded by 16 individual compass points. You'll use cubic right-angle weave in a specific color pattern to stitch all 16 points, and you'll use a unique turn at the top of each point to incorporate a Swarovski crystal into each point tip. If desired, the pendant can be reversible if the student elects to coat the back of the focal with a protective coating and is willing to either maintain the coating or accept the risk of wear and tear on the back of the focal. A simple but functional bail completes the pendant without drawing attention away from the body of the piece. This class is appropriate for students who are already proficient in CRAW and who are ready to take this technique to the next level.

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