How to Register:
  • Register by phone or in person.

  • Pre-registration and payment in full at time of registration is required for all classes and workshops. Classes will cancel if not full and a refund given.

  • 3 weeks notice of cancellation prior to the day before the first class taught by a guest instructor is required. A guest instructor is anyone not employed by Creative Castle. Credit will be given toward a future class if the space can be filled. Instructions will be available to the student if the space can not be filled.

  • 72 hours notice of cancellation prior to other classes is required to receive credit toward a future class.

  • Cancellations after 72 hour notice for other classes will receive credit for 1/2 class fee toward a future class.

  • No show = no credit. Instructions from the class will be available.

  • Please be mindful of instructors and fellow students by refraining from wearing fragrances to class, as participants with allergies and asthma could be affected.
  • Please mute cell phone volume during class, and excuse yourself from the classroom when responding to or initiating cell calls.
  • Please remember the class is a learning environment as well as a social time. Loud talking can be distracting and disruptive to your fellow students.

Skill Levels:
We want your beading experience to be a rewarding one. Please look for class suggested levels of expertise and prerequisites to guide you. Private Classes are offered at $25.00 per hour, with a two (2) hour minimum. Private Classes are by appointment; on the techniques presented in classes, and workshops, any projects you may wish help with.
All Open to everyone.
Beginner Basic skills will be taught for the student just getting started and not familiar with technique or project. No prior experience needed.
Intermediate Basic working knowledge is required. The student needs additional instruction and experience with technique.
Advanced Good Working knowledge and experience with techniques is required. The student undertakes the class wishing to refine skills.
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