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Sri Yantra Pagoda Bracelet- “Snap Cuff”

Cliff Swain-Salomon

pagoda bracelet


11 Sun 9-3
Class Fee $90+ supplies
Prerequisites: flat even and odd count peyote - must be comfortable with incresing nd decreasing
Skill Level: intermediate    
Technique: Peyote    

A cuff that isn’t a bangle and doesn’t require a clasp?! The special weave and structure of this piece actually grips the wrist and holds it securely in place until you are ready to easily take it off–it’s as if it has a magical inner spring hinge woven into the piece. The unique stacked triangle shape was developed by Cliff based on the mathematics of an ancient diagram he learned about while studying with a Tibetan Lama. The shape of the stacked half horns on the bracelet in Indian Culture represents man’s connection to the Earth and Heavens.


This amazing wrist adornment combines the beauty of Asian Architecture with contemporary geometric beadwork, and the mystical diagram it is named after.


For those who prefer bangles, this piece can be woven in the round though you will lose the benefit of the amazing magical inner bead woven spring!

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