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Cliff Swain-Salomon

August 28 Sat 9-3
Class Fee $90+ supplies


Skill Level: advanced    
Technique: Peyote    

Collage Earrings and Tri-Wing RingóAs a child, I loved to bite the heads off of gummy bears of different colors and interchange them. I also was obsessed with Max Headroom from the Coke commercials (especially the totally 80's backgrounds with the geometric shapes and stripes. I decided to capture those memories in beads; interchanging different quadrants of a warped square. As I was doing so, the thread snapped and I lost the middle part. (Along with several beads) I loved the look and worked out a way to allow the middle to be removed without losing beads as the piece is cut apart. It was from there that the piece was created. Later, I learned that this process of cutting apart a project was utilizing a contemporary geometric beadweaving technique known as an exploding hypar squares.

In class, students will get to weave an earring, learn how to cut it into pieces, and reassemble it to create two earrings from the one. They also will learn how to apply the colorway of their earrings to a coordinating Tri-Wing Ring, using a pattern adapted from Kate McKinnon and Dustin Wedekind. To make the warped square earrings, Contemporary Geometric Beadwork techniques (first developed by Jean Power) will be implemented and combined with exploding hypar techniques (Kate McKinnon). This class came about when Kate challenged Cliff to make a pair of earrings for her new pattern book. These techniques are being taught with gracious permission from Jean and Kate.

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