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Butterfly Kisses

Cynthia Rutledge

butterfly kisses


22 Thu


Class Fee $95.00 + supplies


Right Angle Weave  
Skill Level: Intermediate/Adv.    
Technique: Peyote RAW variation  

Did you ever give someone you love butterfly kisses when you were a child or to a child when you were an adult? Eyelashes softly fluttering on a loved ones cheek always made me smile. But did you know that real butterflies can give you butterfly kisses as well?

I have been to two butterfly conservatories in my lifetime, one at Calloway Gardens in GA, on my own, and one in Key West, FL with my husband, Mark. I had explained to Mark how wonderful it was to be surrounded by so many butterflies, beautiful flowers and birds. At first, Mark only went because I really wanted to go, but once inside, I had the pleasure of watching him truly enjoy the experience.

Mark loves photography so he was in his element. Apricot & pink plumed flamingo's (Rhett & Scarlett), tons of brightly colored birds from around the world, a pair of turtles and over 70 varieties of butterflies make their home among a host of beautiful flowers and plants. The saturated color of everything was intoxicating!

We spent over two hours in the heat of the conservatory enjoying the vibrant show of nature's diversity. When we left, Mark said that he felt that the time spent was one of the best times he had ever had! For me, the experience is always rejuvenating. As a designer, I am always looking for inspiration for the next design. Those couple of hours filled my head with color combinations and design possibilities. While there, two huge electric blue butterflies landed on my arm, so I got to see how awesome they were close up. I like to think that they were butterfly kisses from butterflies!

Butterfly Kisses has a double rope of pearl-filled netting ending with a pretty clasp. The central flower has a three dimensional center that is highly embellished with little spikes, pearl petals and peyote stitch bottom petals. It is brightly colored and gave me the impression of a breath of spring

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