Shelley Nybakke

e-mail: shelley@thebeadparlor.com,

Shelley Nybakke teaches a variety of classes, including her favorite, layered right-angle weave. The very first weaving class she attended, she pretended she forgot an appointment and left early because she hated it so much and was fumbling around lost with even threading the needle. After that setback, she purchased Carol Wilcox Wells’ book, Creative Bead Weaving, and hasn’t looked back. So from making hundreds of memory wire bracelets to now teaching around the country, she really believes anything is possible. Her motto is “A day without beads is hardly worth getting out of bed for.” Shelley can be contacted at  or via her web site, 


Upcoming classes by Shelley:

Take 2 classes ~ $185
Take 3 classes ~ $275

Enough is Enough

Fri 12/1
Hanky Panky

Sat 12/2
Night Moves

Sun 12/4
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