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CoiledTendrils Necklace
(via Zoom)

Cindy Holsclaw



22 Fri


Class Fee $90.00 + supplies - Kit available for $75


Skill Level: advanced    
Technique: CRAW       Twisted CRAW         Coiled CRAW   

 Weave a twisty, organic necklace using twisted and coiled cubic right-angle weave! The Coiled Tendrils Necklace necklace features a collection of coiled CRAW ropes and components that surround a central bezeled rivoli, all woven from seed beads and traditional bead types such as round glass, bicone crystal, and fire polish beads. In this class you will learn how to weave coiled CRAW; a variation of twisted CRAW that naturally twists and coils based on its specific thread path. Like traditional CRAW, coiled CRAW makes a supple rope that can be firmed up with additional embellishment, and this technique can also be used to make repeatable components and additional structural beaded forms.

This class is perfect for the student who is experienced with cubic right angle weave and who would like to learn a new variation on this versatile stitch. Students will learn twisted CRAW and coiled CRAW, how to weave coiled CRAW in right-handed and left-handed orientations, how to use different sizes of beads to make coiled CRAW components, and how to connect all of these components together for a beautiful necklace.

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