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Class Fee $90.00 + supplies

RAW          Peyote

Skill Level: intermediate    
Technique: RAW Peyote    

Stitch a unique collection of beaded gears! The gear is a standard component of mechanical machines, which are most elegantly expressed through the inner workings of clocks. The earliest known clockwork mechanism dates back to ancient Greece, and you'll find this technology in countless standard and astronomical clocks today. You can also find clockwork mechanisms in childrens' wind-up toys, kitchen timers, and fancy music boxes. Virtually every city in the world has its own unique public clock, and the clock motif features in many classical and contemporary works of art. The steampunk aesthetic, in particular, incorporates clockwork mechanisms into fantastical artistic designs.

While steampunk jewelry typically highlights metal gears and chains, this piece comes together entirely from glass and crystal. An assortment of angular beads highlight the mechanical theme of the necklace; you'll use lots of two-hole Miyuki half Tilas and quarter Tilas along with several types of Japanese bugle beads to stitch each gear. You'll weave them using peyote stitch with some clever twists an turns that fit the beads together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. You'll attach the gears to each other and finish the necklace with a double wide strap stitched with right-angle weave (RAW). Tons of variations are possible using these beaded gears; use them to stitch bracelets, earrings, and several combinations of long or short pendants!

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